Post Marathon Meeting 2017

Post Marathon Meeting 2017

Chairperson: Jerry Lalor.

Jerry extended thanks to the following:

  • Jack and Rosemary for the use of the hall
  • Una and Mary Murphy for going out on Friday as a lot of work had to be done in advance
  • Car parking – thanks to Matt and Tom O’Connor
  • Tom Rea and his team for communications – they had no problems with it
  • Liam and Tom Reddington for the signs
  • Paul Molony for coming out and checking out the route on Friday
  • Garry Lalor for sponsoring the boxes
  • Frank O’Neill for the van for the week-end
  • The floating cars – 6 people helped there
  • Kay, Mary Murphy and Helen Canavan for tea and coffee
  • There was a problem with the half marathon as regards the bus; there was pressure for space so thanks to the people who helped out with their cars. There will be 2 buses next year
  • Thanks again to Loretta for photocopying
  • All in the centre, all went well and for registration Loretta, Patricia Fleming, Rita Moran, Evelyn Grady & Una Lalor
  • Tierney, the school principal for the use of the car park at back of the school
  • Check point 1 – Tom O’Connor, all ok, no problems
  • Check point 2 – Kay Smith – one person came back as they had sprained an ankle
  • Check point 3 – Valerie and Patricia – no problems. Thanks to Outback Jack’s for sponsoring the tent
  • Check point 4 – 3 people pulled out there and were brought back

A suggestion was given to have food at check point four for half marathon people and not check point one.  Another suggestion was to maybe split the food at checkpoint 4 and put less into the boxes for some of the check points

  • Check point 5 – Patricia and Ann – very little drop out
  • Check point 6 – Paul and Liam – no problems there (there seem to be a misunderstanding with two people checking off names after check point 5)
  • Kay and Helen – in the evening got more water and used a lot of chocolate and very little bananas
  • Matt Swept from start to check point 1. Martha was on her own from 2 to 3 and would have needed a second sweeper (make sure 2 sweepers for next year)
  • Grace and Bernice swept between 3 and 4
  • Loretta, Mary and Patricia swept from 4 to the end. There was a very big gap between people.
  • Thanks to Ellen for all the work
  • Thanks to Regina Flynn for articles in the paper and Galway Bay FM

Catering – thanks to Ellen, Eileen, Mary Henehan, Dolores, Carmel Conlon, Mary Lynam, Catherine Joyce, Bernice O’Riordan & Marian.

All went well and a suggestion was made to get more salads such as potato and also ham from McCambridges.  It was also suggested getting everything from McCambridges and checking out the prices well in advance of next year. Thanks to all in the kitchen – they did a great job.



123 in total did the Marathon – 48 did the full and 75 did the half.

Club members – 17 the full and 29 did the half.  30 people from the club helped out on day.

40 people had entered in advance and 82 signed up on the morning of the Marathon.  Maybe look at an incentive for people to enter in advance. This to be looked at for next year.


Other points

  • Martha had sent in an email suggesting it was time to cease putting on the Marathon. This was put to club members and it was agreed it would run for another year and it would be reviewed from year to year.   Also suggested was changing the date from the same day as the Streets of Galway Road Race.  There had been great praise for the way the Marathon was organised and it was felt that it is the best course in the country and the best organised.  Many from other clubs expressed the same.  It was agreed to change the date for August 18th for 2018 and it was asked that people be informed immediately about this.
  • Another suggestion was to have 3 or 4 walks of different levels on the same day as the Marathon although many more people would be needed to help.
  • Jerry again expressed his gratitude for the voluntary contribution people made with such positivity.
  • Water bottles – there was so much plastic. It was suggested that people bring their own bottles and fill from a large container at each station.   (There would be a small amount of bottles on standby at the beginning for those who forget theirs).  Also suggested would be to have bottles only at checkpoint 1 and then they would fill at each station after that
  • People were looking for water when they came into the kitchen at the end
  • Have Mountain Rescue there on the day for medical back up, also the Civil Defence. A mini bus is very important to get people back – Matt suggested Stephen McHugh may be available and Matt will contact him
  • The people who run the centre were given a boxes of chocolates, sponsored by Jerry Lalor, to thank them
  • For next year it was suggested looking at new ways of being able to pay when registering. A sub committee was formed to look at this for next year they are Pat Holland, Pat Moran, Eleen Looby and Ann Brindley.
  • More help is needed to publicise the Marathon – Ellen Looby and Regina Flynn agreed to be part of the publicity group for next year. Some suggestions made for publicity were:
  1. Advertise with Failte Ireland
  2. Get an article in Mountain Log in the list of events that Mountaineering Ireland put in
  3. Facebook – put up the date for next year and get people to “like”
  4. Follow up article in Galway Advertiser
  5. Send out an electronic version of a Christmas card to all members and clubs including the date of the Marathon
  • Also suggested for next year was some type of social gathering, maybe have something the following day with music in the centre.
  • All agreed the medals were fabulous and have them again next year
  • Medals were given to helpers on the day also