It’s always fun to see pictures from walks or the social events organized by the clubs. Right now, only digital pictures can be accepted. You can send any picture taken with a digital camera or cameraphone to the Galway Walking Club email address (as an attachment). But please reduce the size (200 to 500KB each is good). Thank you.

– the email address is

Some of the GalwayWalking Club pictures are stored on Flickr – a free website which allows people to store and view pictures. See below. Also, some of our members have photos of walks stored on flickr, see below (send in your link?). (Ellen Looby’s photos from Marathon 2012) (Galway Walking Club)    / (Anthony Cunningham) (Emilia Korytakova) (Hajo Quade) (John Smyth’s videos) (John Smyth’s photos)

To see these photos full size- click once