Leader Guidelines

Role of Walk Leaders

  • To Plan, navigate & lead the route;
  • Evaluate and make decisions about the journey and the group.
  • Assist the walkers to have an enjoyable day out.


First Aid Courses can be arranged for leaders, let Regina McNulty (reginabmcnulty@yahoo.co.uk) know if you’d like to attend.

It might be worthwhile to carry a small first aid kit. The club are happy to subsidise €20 towards the purchase of first aid kits, please contact the club treasurer for more details.

Walk Preparation:

  1. Ensure you have the proper clothing and equipment – See Walkers Equipment List  and Leader Equipment List

In the car park, before the walk:

  1. Ensure new members are spoken to and gear is checked.
  2. Membership form must be completed and signed and subscription/visitor fee paid before a new member can partake in a walk.
  3. Ensure sign in sheet is completed.
  4. Organise car-pooling ensuring drivers know destination.
  5. Remind car poolers of petrol contribution: €5
  6. When car-pooling, ensure all cars are filled, if perking is limited at the start of the walk

Start of Walk

  1. The Leader should appoint a sweeper at the start of the walk and ensure the sweeper has a whistle
  2. The leader and sweeper should wear high vis vests/gear e.g. reflective bag cover
  3. The Leader should count (or ask someone to count) the number of walkers in the group and check this number against the number of people who signed the book
  4. The leader should deliver a short briefing before setting off, to include
  • Introduction of leader(s)
  • Identify the sweeper to the group
  • Route description, expected duration etc
  • Responsibility of each walker for own safety and to keep an eye on person behind them.
  • Inform walkers that they must tell the Leader (or the sweeper who then must inform the Leader) if they wish to make a stop.
  • Remind walkers of leave no trace policy
  1. If the group is greater than 20 people, the leader can appoint a shadow leader to walk in the middle of the group

During the Walk

  1. It is up to the Leader (not the sweeper) to ensure that the distance between him/herself and the end of the group does not become too great.
  2. Consider changing the sweeper during the walk and let the group know who the new sweeper is
  3. The Leader should endeavor to set a pace that is reasonable for the walk level.
  4. The Leader should stay/lead from the front of the walk
  5. Early in the walk, the leader can advise a walker to return to the cars in the event the leader feels they are unable for the walk.
  6. A walker leaving the group should inform the Leader of the walk. The Leader should advise the walker that they are no longer considered part of the group and also request they make contact with the Leader when they return to the walk start or the pub (i.e. confirming safe arrival) An exchange of mobile phone numbers between the walker and the Leader is strongly advised.

After the Walk

  1. Ensure everyone has returned to cars safe and well;
  2. Feedback to newcomers re. next suitable walk level;
  3. Advice to newcomers if deemed necessary re. upgrading gear prior to next walk;
  4. Suggest a venue for refreshments on route home;
  5. If there were any incidents/accidents during the walk try to arrange a group debrief while the group are still together on walk out or at cars.