Hillwalks are held all year round (with a break in August).

We have “A”, “B”  and “C” level hill walks.

The “C” hill walks are intended for people who wish to try hillwalking and are therefore taken at a slower pace. However, please note that a good level of fitness is required for climbing.

The “B” walks are usually one mountain only.  “B” hill walks are of shorter duration than  “A” hill walks and may be at a slower pace. “B” walks are typically 7-12km in length with 600-900m accumulated ascent and usually last approx 5 hours.

The “A” hill walks are for the fitter members; they usually take in several peaks and are typically 10-15km in length with 800-1200m accumulated ascent and usually last 5-7 hours. Only walkers with sufficient experience (i.e. several B walks or equivalent) are allowed to participate, as a good level of stamina is required and the terrain can be challenging. It is club policy not to allow visitors on A hillwalks.

Walking boots (preferable grade- 3 season and upwards) and the correct clothing are essential; see the walk guidelines and gear list below:

Walk Guidelines

Gear List

“Visitors to this web site are reminded that hill walking, climbing and rambling are activities that can be dangerous and may result in personal injury or death. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.” (Mountaineering Ireland)